Mookanana Resort

Mookanana Resort & Spa, Hongadahalla, Sakleshpur

Unique Jungle Resort & Homestay in Sakleshpur

In the top list of a perfect blend of nature & luxury resorts in sakleshpur is Mookanana Resorts that is between the mountain view and jungle is an ideal place to plan your travel during all seasons. The distance is around 128 kilometers from Mangalore and 224 kilometers from Bangalore.

The Mookanana Resorts is an only luxurious resort that offer wooden villas, cottages & many more. The property in sakleshpur provides a calm and soothing ambiance to guests and is the perfect setting for a romantic evening in or a truly unforgettable holiday. Our sights are set on this hidden gem that will surely make your holiday life a truly dreamy memory. The beauty of sakleshpur does not only lies in its forts but also in its surroundings. Surrounded by the lush green between western ghats and the soaring peaks with numerous waterfalls and more.

Combination of Elegance & Natural Beauty

For those exploring beyond Sakleshpur, Karnataka boasts some of the best resorts for couples in Coorg, each offering a unique blend of luxury and natural beauty. From private villas to resorts with swimming pool, the options are diverse. Uncover the romantic charm of Coorg, complemented by its rich cultural heritage. Additionally, consider a homestay in Sakleshpur for couples looking for a more intimate experience, or explore the plethora of romantic places across Karnataka.

In conclusion, Mookanana Resort in Sakleshpur stands as a testament to luxury, romance, and tranquility. Whether you're seeking a private villa, a resort with a swimming pool, or a homestay, Sakleshpur has it all. Embark on a romantic journey with your loved one, and let Mookanana be the backdrop to your love story in the heart of Karnataka.



Sakleshpur, tucked away in central Karnataka, is a romantic retreat for couples looking for peace and quiet. Of all the options, Mookanana Resort is a particularly charming getaway that combines modern comforts with a fascinating blend of nature and history. Mookanana, regarded as one of Sakleshpur's top resorts for couples, offers an extraordinary experience in the lap of luxury.

When organizing your visit to Mookanana Resort, think about taking advantage of Sakleshpur's main attractions. Every trip offers breathtaking waterfalls and verdant coffee plantations, among other breathtaking scenery. One of the greatest resorts in Karnataka for couples looking for adventure and relaxation is the resort itself, which is decorated with lush greenery and has a private pool. Don't pass up the opportunity to make memories at these charming locations.

Planning a Trip

A romantic trip needs to be carefully planned, and Mookanana Resort is aware of the little things that add up to a really memorable experience. For couples, the resort provides customised packages that make sure every aspect suits your tastes. Mookanana indulges the passion of romance with everything from intimate private villas to candlelit dinners beneath the stars. For special couple-friendly options that will make your stay as captivating as your love tale.

Getting Around

The trip to Mookanana Resort is a delightful adventure after arriving in Sakleshpur. Due to its advantageous location, the resort is easily accessible from major travel hubs. The trip to Mookanana is just as captivating as the destination itself, whether you decide to take public transport or drive through the breathtaking scenery. Arriving from Coorg, the drive offers scenic vistas that perfect the atmosphere for a romantic retreat.

History & Culture

Sakleshpur boasts an extensive past, and Mookanana Resort is no different, they offer couples a distinctive experience by skillfully fusing contemporary conveniences with the local culture. Investigate the environs; ruins of long-gone civilizations narrate tales of a different era. The knowledgeable staff at Mookanana can lead you through the historical treasures and help you create experiences that are authentic to Karnataka's rich cultural legacy.

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In the serene nature of Western Ghats mountain range, Sakleshpur hill station is covered with spice, coffee & tea plantations. Sweeping into slope mountains enclose Sakleshpur places like Manjarabad Fort, Bisle Reserve Forest, Sakleshwara temple, Jenukallu Gudda, Pandavar Gudda, Halebid Temple at Belur and many more.

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